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German Romanticism in Dresden


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Favourite city Dresden

Follow the most famous artist of German Romanticism. The painter drew inspiration for his pictures on his wanderings through Saxony. His main place of activity was Dresden.

He is one of the most important artists of 19th century German Romanticism. On Instagram and the like, his images of longing trigger something very special in us, 250 years later. They touch our soul and tell of the fateful connection between man and nature. And of the fateful life of Caspar David Friedrich. He spent most of his life in Dresden. Caspar David Friedrich was a convinced Slow Traveller - he just didn't know it yet. When the famous painter travelled, he walked leisurely, always wearing the same grey travelling coat and stopping frequently for his sketches. Journeys by carriage were already too fast for him. He did not want to let impressions flash by, but to absorb them in a lasting way. Travelling in his footsteps satisfies our longing for deceleration. The valley along the Elbe between the Elbland and Dresden and into Saxon Switzerland offers an incomparable opportunity to walk in the footsteps of the Romantic. Like Caspar David Friedrich, the visitor should not only pay attention to "what he sees before him, but also what he sees within himself". A journey with leisure. It is fascinating how easy it is to lose oneself in Caspar David Friedrichs world during walks, hikes and bicycle tours.


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