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BLOCKLINE adventure


  • Rechenberg-Bienenmühle
  • Individuální nabídka,…
  • od 429áp. P.

Action and nature in the Ore Mountains with the "BLOCKLINE Inn"

The valley view is "BLOCKLINE Inn" - directly on the brand new, impressive mountain bike trail! 
It combines exciting nature experiences with all the great excursion destinations in the region and is leisure fun for the whole family. The adventure handbook from the starter parcel keeps the excitement going! If you're not so well trained, take one of the cool e-bikes - then it's just fun! (E-mountain bike hire: EUR 39.00 per day)  


Berghotel Talblick
Alte Straße 144
09623 Rechenberg-Bienenmühle

Tel.: 0351 49 17 00

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