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Group tour "Bauhaus - searching for traces in Saxony"


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100 years ago, a special art of building unfolded - BAUHAUS - Experience it in Saxony!

Soon after the First World War, Saxony's architectural landscape gained diversity through modernism, which was largely fed by the architectural and urban planning reform movements around the turn of the century. These paved the way for various currents of modern architecture until the early 1930s. The Bauhaus also left its mark on Saxony's cultural landscape. The internationally pioneering platform of modernism had an enormous impact on the Free State, for even today numerous testimonies to the Bauhaus can be found in Saxony. Even its politically enforced end at the hands of the National Socialists could not stop the spirit of its ideas.

Come along on our 5-day journey through a special period of Saxony's exciting architectural history and discover the precious treasures of the Bauhaus.


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