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Group tour "The melody of the Reformation"


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Discover the centre of musical instrument making worldwide - Saxony.

What if the Reformation had never taken place? Then Saxony might not be world-famous today as a centre of musical instrument making. Why? Find out the background on a 4-day tour through the "Motherland of the Reformation".

When it rolled through Europe, the wave of the Reformation not only gripped the Catholic Church. In the course of the upheavals, cultural life also came into flux. In Saxony, you can experience the musical side of the Reformation on a tour of a different kind.

On your sonorous discovery tour through Saxony, you will get to know the cities of Leipzig and Zwickau with their famous sons. You will also be inspired by a visit to the Musicon Valley® in Markneukirchen. This is where Vogtland musical instrument making was founded by exiles from Bohemia - evangelical religious refugees. A visit to Markneukirchen is still a treat for the eyes and ears.


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