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Il Classico - Saxony to get to know


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  • od 299áp. P.

Get to know the most beautiful and best-known treasures of the Free State!

Have you never been to Saxony? Then you ve now got the chance to get to know the most beautiful and famous treasures of the Free State!

Historical buildings, unique cultural treasures and a marvellous panoramic landscape await you in Dresden. Experience the city of culture at its best and explore the ornate Old Town on foot with its magnificent buildings such as the Frauenkirche, the Zwinger and the Semper Opera House. Marvel at the Meissen porcelain, the vineyards along the Elbe and Saxony's most famous fairytale castle in Moritzburg.

Enjoy breathtaking views across the Elbe Valley to the table mountains of Saxon Switzerland and the landscape of the Lusatian Highlands and the Eastern Ore Mountains high up on the famous Bastei, 194 metres above the Elbe.


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