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Luxury cultural trip


  • Dresden
  • Individuální nabídka
  • od 2000áp. P.

Experience an exquisite cultural journey through the cities of Saxony!

If you are looking for exquisite cultural treasures and top-class music, if you want to experience world-famous traditional crafts and modern manufacturing history, if you want to dine in style and stay in a princely hotel, Saxony is the place to be. Here, the most delicate porcelain is conjured from the famous "white gold", award-winning wines are created from juicy grapes, quaint wooden figures from the Erzgebirge are made from solid wood and you can feel the pulse of time with the clocks from Glashütte. Saxony makes the hearts of lovers of shiny cars beat faster with its production of Porsche, Volkswagen and BMW. Dresden presents itself as a metropolis of art and culture with its baroque buildings, the State Art Collections, the Staatskapelle and renowned music festivals, and Leipzig presents itself as "Little Paris".


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Bautzner Straße 45-47
01099 Dresden

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