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Group tour "The Renaissance artists - archivists of the Reformation"


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The old masters will take you on a 3-day journey back in time to the world of Martin Luther...

The Reformation period was also the era of the Renaissance. With their programmatic art, the old masters made the Reformation accessible to posterity. Now the Renaissance artists are also taking you with them - on a 4-day journey back in time to the world of Martin Luther.

Dusty, dark and confined. It is associations like these that mining commonly evokes. During your visit to the Erzgebirge towns of Freiberg and Annaberg-Buchholz, you will see that this rustic craft can also have a surprisingly artistic effect. In the centres of mining, you ll find valuable paintings from the Cranach collection and discover magnificent art treasures in the churches where the miners once held their early mass.

Your journey will begin in Dresden, where you ll find a wealth of masterpieces from the Reformation period. Here you can not only admire valuable paintings, but also explore the Frauenkirche, which exemplifies Martin Luther's ideas of a Protestant church building. 


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