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Textile Factory Gebr. Pfau – Saxon Industrial Museum


From the wool flake to the finished cloth. In the textile factory Gebr. Pfau, the former glory of an entire industry is brought back to life.

The Textile Factory Gebr. Pfau Crimmitschau is situated within an original historic cloth factory. It is a heritage site of European importance. Vosotors can follow the production of woollen cloth step by step on historic textile machinery . You will feel the atmosphere of a textile mill and learn about the working and living conditions of the former employees here. Special exhibitions tell the tale of the regional textile industry, show historic and contemporary fashion and works of interesting textile artists. The program for older and younger visitors features 'working museum'-days, markets, readings and concerts.


Textile Factory Gebr. Pfau – Saxon Industrial Museum
Leipziger Straße 125
08451 Crimmitschau

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