Schwarzenberg Castle - Museum "PERLA CASTRUM"


Behind the historic walls of the castle, visitors can immerse themselves in Schwarzenberg's 850-year history on more than 700 m² of exhibition space.

Behind the impressive historic walls of the castle is, among other things, the town's museum. On more than 700 m² of exhibition space, guests can immerse themselves in Schwarzenberg's eventful 850-year history from the entrance area to under the spire, admiring Erzgebirge carving art and the extensive collections of iron, pewter and lace.

There really is a lot to discover here for visitors young and old. Regular thematic special shows complement the permanent exhibition and every two years the PERLA CASTRUM presents the competition entries of the Schwarzenberg art prize art-figura. Monthly opening days also make it possible to visit otherwise closed rooms of the museum depot in Bahnhof N° 4, the former station building of the town.  There, in particular, the history of Schwarzenberg's railroad station is presented, numerous washing machines and ovens recall the long history of washing machine production, and a historic classroom recalls school as it was 100 years ago.


Schwarzenberg Castle - Museum "PERLA CASTRUM"
Obere Schloßstr. 36
08340 Schwarzenberg/Erzgebirge

Tel.: 03774 23389
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