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Christmas Market Oschatz


2th - 5th December 2021

The highlight of the Oschatz Christmas Market is the visit by St. Nicholas and his little helpers. He is visiting the Oschatz Christmas Market on the Saturday, where he’ll be handing out sweets to the children. There’s more Christmas flair to be experienced in Oschatz Park or at the Wermsdorf Goose and Christmas Market in the warm goose pen at the Eskildsen Goose Farm in Wermsdorf. Steam train trips on the “Wild Robert” between Oschatz-Mügeln-Glossen also go to the Christmas Market in Mügeln.


Opening Hours:
2th - 5th December 2021
Thursday: 3 to 8 pm
Friday: 2 to 8 pm
Saturday: 2 to 9 pm
Sunday: 2 to 6 pm


Christmas Market Oschatz
Neumarkt 2
04758 Oschatz

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