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Baroque Castle Delitzsch


Not far from Leipzig, the baroque castle Delitzsch surprises with historical chambers, partly curious exhibition objects and a beautiful baroque garden.

The baroque palace Delitzsch surprises with historical chambers from the 18th century, a picturesque wedding room, partly curious exhibition objects and a lovingly designed baroque garden.

At the end of the 14th century, Wilhelm I of Meissen ordered the construction of a medieval moated castle, of which the tower has been preserved to the present. Delitzsch Castle served as a travel residence for the Saxon rulers and was the seat of the sovereign's administration. From 1540 onwards, it was converted into a Renaissance-style castle.

Small and fine is the baroque garden to the west of Delitzsch Castle. It was designed in 1692/93 according to the plans of the court gardener Andreas Gotthart Carl, who was engaged for this purpose, and laid out at the urging of the Duchess's widow Christiane von Sachsen-Merseburg, who lived here, and reflected the latest garden fashion "a la francaise".

Today, the Delitzscher Barockschloss is a cultural institution and is protected as an architectural cultural monument. The building houses the Delitzsch Baroque Castle Museum, the town's tourist information office, the registry office, the district music school and the castle cellar, which is used as a sound vault.


Baroque Castle Delitzsch
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