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Augustusburg Castle


Impressive Renaissance castle with Europe's most important motorcycle collection.

Here, where stallions once breathed heavily in front of grand barouches, horse-powered engines now roar: Visible from afar, the monumental Renaissance castle rises above the Zschopau valley on a porphyry cone. It is aptly called the “Crown of the Ore Mountains” because of its roof shape.

Augustusburg Castle is one of the favorite places of motorcycle fans since this is the home of Europe’s largest motorbike museum. Numerous unique exhibits from the history of this fascinating means of travel are on display here. During the “Winter Meeting” of the motorcycle congregation, Augustusburg Castle attracts thousands of motorcycle fans. Here visitors will not only find the motorcycle museum but also other worthwhile exhibitions of game and birds, historic coaches, as well as exhibitions on hunting and the history of Augustusburg Castle.

One of the highlights of the castle is the castle church with an altarpiece painted by Lucas Cranach the Younger. This altarpiece is considered to be one of the most remarkable works of art of its kind. It has never been removed from its original location since the church was consecrated. Furthermore, for those who wish to rest after having enjoyed all the sights, the castle also contains a youth hostel in which you can stay the night.


Augustusburg Castle
Schloss 1
09573 Augustusburg

Tel.: +49 (0) 37291 3800
Fax: +49 (0) 37291 38024
Webová stránka: www.die-sehenswerten-drei.de

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