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Hat Festival 2024 - Street Art in Chemnitz


  • Chemnitz
  • 24. – 26.05.2024Přehled termínů
  • 17:00 - 22:00
  • Jeviště/divadlo, Ples/tanec,…

Chapeau Chemnitz! At the 7th HUTFESTIVAL, the city centre becomes a large open-air theatre and presents multifaceted, international street art

For three days from 24 to 26 May 2024, the HUTFESTIVAL - the festival of street art - will transform the alleyways and squares in Chemnitz city centre into a large open-air stage full of live music, clowning, artistry, juggling, fire shows, imaginative walk acts, art and street food. With diverse street artists and acts from eleven nations (Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, France, Finnish-South-African, Spain, Argentina, Belgium, USA, Netherlands, Switzerland), including local artists, the festival promises a spectacle full of surprises, amazement and magic. At every turn, you will discover funny, entertaining, touching, artistic and culinary delights.

The international programme highlights include the charismatic Hugo Miro, a Spanish pantomime artist and the dynamic artistic trio Bardo Teatro Físico from Argentina.
At Neumarkt, the aerial acrobatics show on the trapeze by Wise Fool, three young, likeable ladies from Finland and South Africa, will amaze audiences at dizzying heights.
The variety show by Marlon Banda from Italy, Maya and Brend from Secret Circus in the USA and the retro stunt show by Soap Stunters from the Netherlands will make you smile.
Acrobatics will be on the agenda with the rope dance show by Rope Theatre from Cologne. The slack rope will be stretched next to the Red Tower - the area around the city's oldest landmark will be integrated into the festival as an additional performance area for the first time.
Musical entertainment will be particularly important this year, with performances by numerous bands from the region such as Triple Trouble, Soul Cycle and A Thousand Owls. The variety of the children's programme will be expanded and Chemnitz clubs will once again be actively involved.

A market of beautiful things is dedicated to handicrafts and design with selected, sustainable products and unique items: jewellery, clothing and accessories - including numerous hats - are waiting to be discovered.

The festival of street art has been held annually in Chemnitz in May since 2018. Chemnitz city centre around the market square is transformed into a large open-air theatre - there is something to discover everywhere on nine stages with matching hat names and numerous activity areas: Over 200 artists and acts presented the different facets of street art in its most beautiful form with live music, performance art, juggling, body art, dance, fire shows or clowning.

What's behind the name HUTFESTIVAL?
Typical of street art is the well-known "hat collection" or playing "on the hat". This was also the inspiration for the title of the festival. At the same time, we would also like to encourage visitors to wear a hat during the festival this weekend.

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