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63rd Plauen Lace Festival


Well-known national and international artists attract thousands of Plauen residents and guests to the city.

Every year, the largest of all Plauen  festivals,  the  Plauen  Lace Festival, takes place.  Since  1955  traditional craftsmanship and artistic customs have been cultivated. Renowned national and international  artists  attract  thousands of Plauen  and  guests  to  the city. In 2024, the Lace Festival will take place from 31 May to 2 June 2024 

Since 1996  a  Lace Princess has also  been elected for the  Lace Festival . She represents the city of Plauen, the Vogtland district  and  the  Plauener Spitze und Stickerei e.V. industry association. The current lace princess Maxi Schulz was  elected for four years in 2021.

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