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The old postal road


  • Start: Berggießhübel
  • Cíl: Berggießhübel
  • střední
  • 27,84 km
  • 4 hod. 30 min.
  • 510 m
  • 491 m
  • 267 m

The history of the Old Dresden-Teplice Postal Route goes back to the Middle Ages. In the 18th century, Augustus the Strong had the route marked with postal distance pillars. The Post Road is signposted.

The tour starts at the Haus des Gastes in the spa town of Berggießhübel. Cross the Gottleuba river and continue straight ahead onto Gersdorfer Straße. Follow this road until you reach Gersdorf itself. Shortly before entering the village, you will reach a hill with a beautiful view of the landscape. Once in the village, follow the main road and turn left towards Göppersdorf just before the post office. After a few gentle climbs, you ride comfortably between meadows and pastures. Shortly after entering Göppersdorf, turn right towards Liebstadt into Göppersdorfer Straße. The road continues uphill until you cross the motorway bridge shortly after leaving the village, from where the road leads downhill. At the next crossroads, turn right towards Liebstadt, here you can let yourself roll until you reach the turn-off for Kuckuckstein Castle. The castle gained world-historical significance through Napoleon I's nocturnal visit on 09 September 1813, where he had a coloured copperplate engraving of his renegade general j. V. Moreau by cutting out the French cockade and in anger wrote underneath: "This traitor does not deserve it". Unfortunately, the original has been lost since 1945. Dates for guided tours can be found online at www.schloss-kuckuckstein.de. From Liebstadt, the route now leads to Börnersdorf. There you turn left uphill and shortly afterwards the sign "Alte Dresden-Teplitzer Poststraße" points the way to the left. After a few hundred metres you will find the "Kursächsische Halbmeilensäule Nr. 14". The road continues to the motorway. Here, shortly after the bridge, turn left onto a gravel path that leads along the A17 for a short distance. Here you will also find the next post office (no. 13). Cross the motorway again and continue to the right until you reach the road that leads back to Göppersdorf. There is another post on the left. Turn left here and cycle to the Erlichtteich pond. Take a short break to look at pillar no. 12 before continuing along the Alte Dresden-Teplitzer Poststraße. Along the way you have a beautiful view of the Lilienstein and down the valley to Borna. There is also a memorial column to Napoleon here, which commemorates battles fought by the French in the region. A little way downhill you come to the road that leads to Borna. Here you can let yourself roll to the crossroads to Gersdorf. From there you take the same route as on the way back to Berggießhübel.


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