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“Obstland” Route


  • Start: Leisnig station
  • Cíl: Leisnig station
  • střední
  • 57,96 km
  • 4 hod. 30 min.
  • 358 m
  • 258 m
  • 143 m

Explore the largest fruit growing area in Saxony and enjoy the taste of regional products! Experience the whole process from the tree to the bottle during exciting, guided plantation tours and tours of the fruit juice production plants.

In the midst of Saxony’s largest fruit growing area, lies the “Obstland” Route. This loop trail meanders through a landscape shaped by culture and history. On 58 kilometres, it connects the villages of Mügeln, Leisnig and Dürrweitzschen where the long tradition of fruit growing can be experienced in different ways. While Mügeln and its environs focusses on the history of origin of the fruit-growing region, Leisnig is all about the life and work of the monks, and Dürrweitzschen provides insights into the current production processes. This is why the “Obstland” Route consists of three thematically different sections. You can either cycle these individual smaller stages or complete the large outer circular route.

Panel cest

Povrch cesty

  • Ulice (67%)
  • Asfalt (13%)
  • Štěrk (17%)
  • Pěší stezka (2%)
  • Pěšina (1%)


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