Nature trail Grabschützer See


  • Start: Nature trail parking space in Zwochau
  • Cíl: Nature trail parking space in Zwochau
  • lehké
  • 7,02 km
  • 1 hod. 45 min.
  • 15 m
  • 117 m
  • 102 m

On the nature trail, 17 boards at multiple stations provide information about the landscape history, ecology, flora and fauna of the nature reserve.

At Grabschützer See, nature is reclaiming the former open-cast mining area in its own way. This has created a varied landscape that provides a habitat for numerous protected animal and plant species and is part of the European bird reserve (SPA). To avoid disturbance, it is prohibited to enter the zone, but the circular trail, accessible via 3 central access points, offers 7 km of ample opportunities for personal observation and enjoyment. Telescopes are also available at some places. In addition, the nature trail informs at 17 stations about landscape history, geology, ecology as well as flora and fauna.

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  • Asfalt (2%)
  • Štěrk (98%)


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