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Mulde cycle route – Zwickauer Mulde


  • těžké
  • 155,22 km
  • 10 hod. 47 min.
  • 945 m
  • 781 m
  • 136 m

The Zwickauer Mulde rises in the Vogtland region and passes through both the original Erzgebirge and its namesake city of Zwickau before gently making its way to Sermuth.

The route starts in Schöneck, the highest town in the Vogtland district. First, the trail leads up to 784 meters above zero and then winds its way into the Auer valley basin. Along the entire section, there are repeated opportunities to enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of the Vogtland and Erzgebirge mountains.

Well-maintained roads make it easier to enjoy the section from Aue to Zwickau, which mostly leads through shady forests and is characterized by constant ups and downs.

The section between Zwickau and Glauchau, on the other hand, is more relaxed. It runs straight through the meadows of the Mulde River, allowing you to take in the passing scenery. 

The penultimate stage has it all over again: two climbs await the cyclist before the towns of Penig and Wechselburg, but the inner cities reward the effort all the more. Find out what the big pot in Penig is all about and explore the baroque castle in Wechselburg. On the way, you will drive through fields and pass under the impressive Göhren viaduct.

The last stretch towards Sermuth leads on well-maintained sections towards the Mulde unification.  On the way, the castle in Rochlitz offers an excellent view over the Mulde valley, but the internationally known Colditz Castle is also worth a detour.


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