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J9 - Hike via the Pfaffengut to the Pöhl Dam


  • Start: Jößnitz railway station
  • Cíl: Jocketa railway stop
  • střední
  • 8,82 km
  • 2 hod. 20 min.
  • 129 m
  • 403 m
  • 317 m

The countryside around Jößnitz delights with its charming unspoilt nature and interesting attractions, which become an experience on route J9.

Starting at the car park at the Jößnitz stop, the trail leads down to the Kaltenbach stream, past the Pfaffenmühle mill to the Pfaffengut environmental and nature conservation centre, idyllically located in Plauen's city forest. Here you can learn stories about the former life on the estate and all about nature, the four elements in the rock garden and much more. A detour to the Herrmann falconry is not to be missed. You will experience goose bumps during a demonstration with spectacular swooping flights of falcons, the majestic flight of eagles high in the sky and the silent hovering of owls overhead.

Afterwards, the path leads in the direction of Lochbauer. The three-sided farm, built in 1648, is home to a cosy restaurant with a beer garden. Along the way you can already see the arches of the Elster Valley Bridge. Freshly refreshed, you cross the rippling Weiße Elster over a wooden bridge. After an uphill section, the landscape offers a view of the "Vogtland Sea", the Pöhl dam. A short detour along the path takes you to the Julius Mosen Tower, named after the poet who was born and grew up in the Vogtland. After climbing the tower, you are rewarded with a magnificent panoramic view of the dam with its dam wall and the lush green Central Vogtland hilltop landscape with the Elster Valley and the Elster Valley Bridge.

When you arrive in Jocketa, you should definitely admire the Elster Valley Bridge - the second largest brick bridge in the world - before returning to Jößnitz by train, relaxed and full of great impressions.

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