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Herbal nature trail "Around the Kuhberg" Schönheide


  • Start: Hotel Forstmeister - Schönheide
  • Cíl: Rothenkirchen market barn
  • lehké
  • 5,64 km
  • 1 hod. 28 min.
  • 79 m
  • 750 m
  • 628 m

ATTENTION: Due to tree felling work necessitated by pest infestation and drought, walking the nature trail cannot be recommended at present.As an alternative, guided tours on the subject of herbs are offered by the following partners, for example: Nature and Environment Centre Vogtland e.V. OberlauterbachGläserner Bauernhof Vogtland e.V. MarkneukirchenOn 10 large and over 40 small educational and information boards, hikers can learn about the history and use of herbs.

Starting at the Hotel "Forstmeister" in Schönheide, our herb trail is suitable for everyone, with gentle inclines, and is entertaining and interesting, as over 200 species of native herbs, trees and shrubs can be found here, and information and educational panels provide interesting facts about the history and use of herbs. Trained herb educators accompany the hikers along the trail to the market barn in Rothenkirchen and explain all "herb questions" in a professional manner. Finally, interested guests can learn the art of making herbal spices, ointments and tinctures under the guidance of the herb women or bake herb breads together and cook with "wild" herbs.

  • 6 km hike mainly paved forest path,
  • meadow path approx. 1 km
  • Walking time approx. 1.5 h


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