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Grünbach cross-country skiing trails (Night)


  • střední
  • 12,15 km
  • 2 hod. 39 min.
  • 145 m
  • 785 m
  • 702 m

The circular trail leads around the Rehhübel area natural monument and is situated at an altitude of 788 m, is snow-sure, in a quiet winter landscape and sheltered from the wind.

There, ski hikers and cross-country skiers will find trails of 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 kilometres in length. The 8-kilometre trail connects through the forests of Muldenberg to the Kammloipe, one of the longest and snowiest trails in Saxony. Another connecting trail to the Kammloipe begins at the village square (bathing pond) in Muldenberg. When conditions permit, skiing enthusiasts can enjoy the groomed sun trail in the centre of the village (entry at the gymnasium).

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