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From Freital along the Rote Weißeritz river through the Rabenauer Grund region


  • Start: S-Bahnhof Freital-Hainsberg West
  • střední
  • 6,64 km
  • 1 hod. 30 min.
  • 93 m
  • 282 m
  • 190 m

This hike takes us from Freital-Coßmannsdorf along the Rote Weißeritz through the Rabenauer Grund to Spechtritz. With the historic Weißeritztalbahn we go back to Freital.

The Rabenauer Grund is the most famous gorge in the foothills of the Ore Mountains. In this 80 m deep notched valley you can find many beautiful rock formations as well as unique flora and fauna. For example, the fire salamander is at home here. On our way we pass the historic Rabenau Mill, which today houses a hotel as well as a restaurant.In 1882, the Weißeritztalbahn was put into operation as the second narrow-gauge railroad in Saxony. Today, as the oldest narrow-gauge railroad in Germany, it runs daily in steam service between Freital-Hainsberg and the spa town of Kipsdorf.

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