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Family Hiking Trail: Forest Adventure Path – Wechselburg


  • Start: Muldenbrücke bridge in Wechselburg
  • Cíl: Muldenbrücke bridge in Wechselburg
  • 9,26 km
  • 2 hod.
  • 201 m
  • 329 m
  • 158 m

This adventure path starts at the “Muldenparkplatz“ car park in Wechselburg and leads over the “Rochlitzer Berg“ mountain and via Sörzing and Fischheim back to Wechselburg. Displays at a number of stations along the way provide information about the forest and make this a worthwhile hike for families with children or schools.

Walking through the idyllic landscape of the “Rochlitzer Muldental“ valley means discovering a fascinating flora and fauna as well as numerous traces of this region’s interesting past. Ten stations along the 9,5 kilometres of the Forst Adventure Trail Wechselburg feature displays and provide families with children or just anyone who’s interested with further information about the local flora and fauna.


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