Elbe-Moritzburg-Lößnitzgrund Cycle Route


  • Start: Coswig Kötitz
  • Cíl: Coswig Kötitz
  • střední
  • 36,78 km
  • 3 hod.
  • 160 m
  • 204 m
  • 102 m

Through the forest and pond landscapes between Coswig, Radebeul and Moritzburg

The tour branches off from the Elbe Cycle Path at the ferry at the Coswig district of Kötitz and leads to the center of Coswig. Via the Gabelweg you reach the Friedewald with Hoher Stein and Seerosenteich, a romantic place that invites you to take a break. The Moritzburg pond area is passed through and after a total of 11 km Moritzburg awaits you with its famous sights such as hunting lodge, state stud farm, pheasant castle and lighthouse. You should allow some time for sightseeing, a rest at the castle pond or a detour to the game reserve, which is about 1.5 km away.

From the Großteich, which is crossed over the dam, the route leads to Cunnertswalde, further past the Niedere and Obere Waldteich to Reichenberg. After leaving Reichenberg, the tour leads into the Lößnitz Highlands and then steeply downhill into the Lößnitzgrund. Parallel to the Lößnitzgrundbahn, the tour leads to Radebeul with the Hoflößnitz Winery Museum and impressive views of the vineyards of the Radebeul Hoflößnitz with Bismarck Tower and Spitzhaus.

From the Landesbühnen Sachsen, follow the signs to the Elbe Cycle Path. Via Altkötzschenbroda, a successfully renovated street village, the ride leads back to Kötitz in the Elbe valley.

Note: In wet weather, the forest and field paths tour sections may have a poor path quality.

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