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Course 1 – From Leipzig to Lake Cospuden


  • Start: City harbor Leipzig, Schreberstraße, 04109 Leipzig
  • Cíl: Pier 1/harbor Zöbigker at Lake Cospuden, Hafenstr. 23, Markkleeberg
  • střední
  • 10,50 km
  • 3 hod.
  • 7 m
  • 112 m
  • 105 m

Course 1 leads from Leipzig city center through the idyllic riparian forest to the water sports paradise of Lake Cospuden.

The canoe tour on Course 1 from Leipzig's city harbor to Lake Cospuden is one of the most popular water routes in and around Leipzig because it offers many different facets. Here, you will find everything that makes the heart of water sports enthusiasts and leisure captains beat faster: city flair on the Elstermühlgraben, park idyll on the Weiße Elster, primeval forest feeling in the riparian forest called ‘Auwald’, Waldsee Lauer and large Lake Cospuden. Since nature conservation is the top priority in the waterway network, the route may only be navigated by canoe, rowing boat and the LeipzigBoot designed for this purpose.


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