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Coal I Steam I Light cycle route


  • Start: Bitterfeld-Wolfen
  • Cíl: Markkleeberg
  • střední
  • 91,30 km
  • 7 hod.
  • 198 m
  • 152 m
  • 74 m

Discover the history of this region’s industrial culture.

The first stage of the Coal I Steam I Light cycle route begins in Bitterfeld-Wolfen and ends in the southern Leipzig Neuseenland. Lake Großstolpen offers a well-deserved cool-down after a long bike ride. Along the route, tangible milestones of industrial history, such as the Zschornewitz power plant or the Mining Technology Park, are strung together. If you want to spend a little longer in the region, you can cycle around the mining lakes, which almost doubles the distance.

The Coal I Steam I Light cycle route is very varied and consists mostly of asphalted cycle paths. On some short stretches, the route also takes you along natural paths.

Panel cest

Povrch cesty

  • Není známo (38%)
  • Ulice (4%)
  • Asfalt (29%)
  • Štěrk (21%)
  • Pěší stezka (2%)
  • Pěšina (4%)


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