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The Museum Göschenhaus


The Göschenhaus and the Seume memorial show a collection of memorabilia from the former publisher of Goethe and printer, Georg J. Göschen.

In his works, Göschen enthused about the monastery church and the Church of Our Lady or the Pöppelmann Bridge.Today, the "Göschenhaus" Museum is the meeting point for visitors from all over the world. The famous publisher of classic literature, Georg Joachim Göschen, worked here together with the proof reader Johann Gottfried Seume. Once, the great writers of German classic literature like Schiller and Körner were continually coming and going in quick succession in Gösche's summer residence.


The Museum Göschenhaus
Schillerstraße 25
04668 Grimma

Tel.: +49 (0) 3437 911118
Webová stránka: www.goeschenhaus.de

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