St. Nicholas Church Leipzig


Where Martin Luther held a sermon and Johann Sebastian Back premiered his most important works, the foundations of the Peaceful Revolution in East Germany.

"Nikolaikirche - open to all" became reality in autumn 1989 and surprised us all. After all, it united people from the whole of the former GDR: those who wanted to leave the country and those who were curious, regime critics and Stasi (State Security Police) personnel, church staff and SED members, Christians and Non-Christians beneath the outspread arms of the crucified and resurrected Jesus Christ. In view of the political reality between 1949 and 1989, this defies all imagination. It became reality. Exactly 450 years after the introduction of the Reformation in Leipzig, 176 years after the Battle of Nations in Leipzig. Now it was Leipzig once more.


St. Nicholas Church Leipzig
Nikolaikirchhof 3
04109 Leipzig

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