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Scharfenstein Castle


Throughout the year, the Christmas and Toy Museum, the Medieval Village and a variety of activities suitable for young and old, inspire visitors.

In the medieval castle Scharfenstein from 1250 you can feel the myths and magic of the Ore Mountains. As one of the oldest manor houses in Saxony, which has been continuously inhabited and animated for more than 750 years, the authentic architecture shows life since the medieval “primal castles”. Today, the Burgmuseum offers variety and fun for young and old. The Christmas and Toy Museum offers an exciting insight into regional folk art throughout the year. From traditional “Männelmacher”, nutcracker and smoker, to the Erzgebirge Robin Hood – Karl Stülpner from the year 1762. Exciting stories, hands-on exhibitions for children and the medieval village in the former castle garden offer time to play and enjoy for the whole family.


Scharfenstein Castle
Schlossberg 1
09430 Drebach

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