Priesterhäuser Zwickau- Priest‘s Homes (Museum)


Erected from the 13th until the 15th century, 1993 until 2003 faithfully restored, the houses are an authentic mirror of Medieval living culture and way of life

The so-called "priest houses" - recorded for the first time in the documents in 1521 - a closed architectural unit with four two-storey houses and for the late medieval construction typical steeply pitched roofs.They are proven to be among the oldest existing residential building ensembles in Germany.

The "Priesterhäuser" are among the oldest preserved urban residential buildings in Germany and are believed to have been part of the rectory. As a museum for urban and cultural history, they offer a wide range of insights into the reality of life and everyday life in the late Middle Ages.


Priesterhäuser Zwickau- Priest‘s Homes (Museum)
Domhof 5-8
08056 Zwickau

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