Meißen Theater


The theater in Meißen sprays a whiff of romantic, which is not surprising when considering the fact that it is the oldest local culture facility.

Established 170 years ago, the theater Meißen has become the oldest local culture facility, which is promoted by a very engaged audience. Owing to that, it was possible to bear several backlasches: In 1963, for instace, the own ensemble had to dissipate – besides, the hundred year flood in 2002 had a large impact on the building structure.  However, the motto “Erecting and Playing“ supported the Meißners in overcoming and removing the damages. In 2004 already, the theater was ready to tie in with the great successes gathered in the past. The restoration made for a constructional synthesis of contemporary functionality along with the preservation of a whiff of romantic. The audience room is still exhaling an atmosphere you only know from traditional theaters.  . An association has been attending and taking care of the future of the stand theater and has been constantly attempting to give children and young adults an understanding of the alluring world with respect to opera, operetta, drama, and ballet. 


Meißen Theater
Theaterplatz 15
01662 Meißen

Tel.: +49 (0) 3521 41550
Fax: +49 (0) 3521 415550
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