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Maze of sensations


Discovering Saxony the sensational way – get ready to experience this in the Maze of Sensations, which is situated right in Saxony´s castle- and moor land.

The Maze of Sensations is all about fun, especially when it comes to training the cognitive ability. Plenty of sensory stimuli coming in the form of fragrance organs, various exercises and games to sharpen your senses, a balancing board, and interesting experiments will have an improving effect on your sensory awareness.

It´s all about team work with the large whirligig, whereas the ball spelicans demand a great deal of dexterity. Yet, the fun factor won´t go short – the space ball trampoline and the double slide will top off the exciting day. The very daring among you are invited to put their sense of direction to a test – in the dark maze.


Maze of sensations
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