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Colditz Castle

Royal residence, hunting lodge, widow rersidence

With its striking white gables, Colditz Castle is one of the most beautiful Central German architectural monuments of the 16th century. It served as an important POW-camp for high-ranking officers of the Western Allies during World War II; Winston Churchill's nephew and the nephew of the then British King George VI were also among its prisoners. Secret radio rooms, tunnels broken through the masonry and a secretly built glider are examples of the many tales told of the numerous creative escape attempts in the »Escape Museum«. The book entitled »The Colditz Story« and its film adaptation have made Colditz world famous. 

Today, guests from all over the world can enjoy a princely stay at the European Youth Hostel and the unique atmosphere of Colditz Castle at events and concerts, in special exhibitions and on guided tours such as »In the Footsteps of the Prisoners« featuring a prisoners' feast.


Gesellschaft Schloss Colditz e.V.
Schlossgasse 1
04680 Colditz

Tel.: +49 (0)34381 43777
Webová stránka: www.schloss-colditz.de/en/home

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