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Butterfly House Jonsdorf


In the midst of a vast tropical floral world, you´ll get the chance to experience the manifold and exciting life of butterflies.

A pond surrounded by tropical water plants and a waterfall contribute to the feeling of being stranded in a beautiful jungle. Branching out into all directions our visitors may discover the stunning life of butterflies. No separation nets or grids allow for the ultimate experience of the astonishing flight characteristics of tropical butterflies with their bright or, at times, camouflaging colors of these insects.  Become witness of the nuptial flight and the mating of these adorable, beautiful, and specious insects which are home to our planet. Look out for butterfly eggs, caterpillars and their nymphs in our marvelous jungle.

Appropriate for the species, we´ve built up diverse desert-, rock-, and rain forest terrariums with a basic size of approx. 50 qm2. Here you´ll find turtles, lizards, but also snakes and tarantulas.  

One of the eye-catcher in our foyer is the 3 m large salt water aquarium. Colorful coral fish (basslets, anemone fish, surgeon fish, sea urchins, prawns) and 20 different species of coral fish and anemone fish live in this basin.


Butterfly House Jonsdorf
Zittauer Straße 24
02796 Jonsdorf

Tel.: +49 (0) 35844 76420
Fax: +49 (0) 35844 76419
Webová stránka: www.schmetterlingshaus.info

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