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Brühl's Terrace


Enjoy the spectacular view over the Elbe and the famous buildings of the city.

Only very well-versed visitors are aware of the fact that the terrace situated at the upper part of the river Elbe is actually part of the old fortification of Dresden. Today´s well known destination when it comes to sightseeing tours adopted got its name from Heinrich Graf Brühl who received several wall sections as a presents back in those days, when he acted in the function of the Minister in the cabinet of the Saxony King Friedrich August II., which enabled him as well to erect his very own pleasure garden and palace. Back in the old days, the strolling promenades was a separate area reserved for the aristocratic society. However times have changed, though. By no means, you should miss out the beautiful view from the balcony on the European part of the river Elbe, when you´re visiting Dresden.


Brühl's Terrace
01067 Dresden

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