Botanical Garden of the TU Dresden


Approximately 10,000 plant species from all kinds of living environments of the world re shown on the 3.24 ha area.

The Botanical Garden is situated not far from the historic city center, next to the large park “Grosser Garten”. About 10,000 plant species from all climates and different regions of the world are cultivated here within an area of 3.25 acres. The layout of the garden follows mainly plant geographical regions. This applies to the three greenhouses (with flora of tropical and subtropical regions) and to large parts of the open area, called the Geographical Section.

In front of the Tropical Conservatory, visitors encounter witnesses of a bygone time: fossil tree stumps and a collection of living plants whose closest relatives were involved in the formation of brown coal during the Tertiary Period in Central Europe. Furthermore, visitors find a collection of medicinal and aromatic plants.



Botanical Garden of the TU Dresden
Stübelallee 2
01307 Dresden

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