Bad Elster open-air theatre


‘Right Royal entertainment’ awaits visitors in the former royal Saxon spa town of Bad Elster in September starts the Festival of Electoral Saxony starts.

For Goethe's epic »Hermann und Dorothea«, to which the poet prince, according to legend, was inspired at the source in Bad Elster in 1795, the natural theater was created in the same place in the Royal Gardens in 1911 by the Royal Saxon horticultural inspector Paul Schindel in the unique forest landscape first of its kind in Saxony. Numerous exciting events of all kinds - from opera to comedy to rock & pop - take place here between May and September. In 2018, the venue was extensively renovated and expanded to seat 1,500. A mobile spectator canopy, which can be moved as required, now guarantees the greatest possible independence from the weather in the unique atmosphere of the historic forest park for numerous eventful evenings during a summer feel-good stay in the cultural and festival city of Bad Elster.


Bad Elster open-air theatre
Carl-August-Klingner-Str. 7
08645 Bad Elster

Tel.: +49 (0) 37437-53900
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