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Hotel Elbresidenz an der Therme Bad Schandau


  • Bad Schandau
  • Hotel

Our elegantly and modernly furnished 207 rooms and suites with a view of the Elbe, the market or the designed atrium offer you the luxury and comfort you desire. The view of Saxon Switzerland, loving details, partly balconies, noble bathrooms and high-quality furnishings make each of our rooms and suites an individual oasis of well-being for you. Enjoy the individuality.


Hotel Elbresidenz an der Therme Bad Schandau
Markt 1-11
01814 Bad Schandau

Tel.: (0049) 35022 919700
Fax: (0049) 36461 92002
Webová stránka: www.elbresidenz-bad-schandau.net

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