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The Erzalm - this is your new holiday home Come in and feel at home: whether Bargheisl, Wiesenheisl or Waldrandheisl - a 120m², 73m² or 54m² apartment is waiting for you in our 3 houses. You will feel completely at home in the lovingly furnished, rustic apartments. All apartments have a fully equipped kitchen, TV, free WiFi, free parking and a laundry package. Get new energy with the beautiful view from your own balcony or terrace You can find even more relaxation in one of the 3 private bio saunas in the large apartments or in the separate Erzalmhaus in the Stollengrotte wellness area with a cozy sauna area, your own relaxation room and outdoor area. If you still have energy as a younger guest, you can let off steam in our paddling pit in the warm children's pool or in the bee meadow playground for a restful night.


Am Reicheltberg 40
09548 Seiffen/Erzgebirge

Mobil: +49 173 6488689
Webová stránka: www.erzalm.de

Kontaktní osoba

Bianca Lorenz
Straße des Friedens 40
09429 Wolkenstein

Mobil: +49 173 6488689

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