Lake circuit at the Kulkwitzer See


  • Start: Markranstädt, near the lido
  • Cíl: Markranstädt, near the lido
  • lehké
  • 7,18 km
  • 1 hod. 45 min.
  • 6 m
  • 128 m
  • 115 m

Between Leipzig and Markranstädt, Lake Kulkwitz was opened up as a local recreation area in the 1970s following renaturation measures.

Around its banks, the region around the lake fascinates with varied vegetation. Especially the forest on the Hochkippe in the south invites for leisurely walks. The water quality itself is excellent, which is why the lake is counted among the most important diving waters in Central Germany. Various bathing beaches invite you to relax around the 150-hectare lake.

Panel cest

Povrch cesty

  • Asfalt (60%)
  • Štěrk (37%)
  • Pěší stezka (4%)
  • Pěšina (2%)


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