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Stoneman Miriquidi – Guided tours 2023


  • Gelenau/Erzgebirge
  • 06. – 08.10.2023Přehled termínů
  • Celodenně
  • Výletní cesta, Akce horských…

In the deep forests of the Ore Mountains, new mountain bike and road bike adventures are waiting to be discovered.

The Stoneman Miriquidi stands for profound emotions, impressive nature experiences and real borderline experiences. What could be better than sharing all these impressions and emotions with a group of like-minded people? The guided tours for mountain bikes and road bikes offer an ideal opportunity for this.

Stoneman Miriquidi MTB
The Stoneman Miriquidi MTB leads mountain bikers on 162 kilometres through primeval Miriquidi forests over nine of the highest peaks in the German and Czech Ore Mountains. With a wealth of experience and exciting information, Roland Stauder, the inventor of the Stoneman, makes the tours an incomparable adventure in the midst of a fascinating landscape.

Dates of the 2023 season:
  • Stoneman Days - Silver Guiding with Roland Stauder:
    • 17. - 18. June 2023
  • Stoneman Days - Silver Guiding with Roland Stauder:
    • 07. - 08. October 2023
  • Stoneman Days - Bronze-Guiding with Roland Stauder:
    • 07. - 10. October 2023
  • Bronze-Guiding as E-Bike-Tour:
    • 16. - 18. June 2023
Stoneman Miriquidi Road
The two Olympic champions and cycling legends Olaf Ludwig and Mario Kummer show along the Stoneman Miriquidi Road what the region between Altenberg and Oberwiesenthal has to offer for racing bike fans. With their great passion for road cycling and interesting tips, they offer an unforgettable road trip through the Ore Mountains.

Dates of the 2023 season:
  • Bronze Guiding with Olaf Ludwig:
    • 27. - 29. June 2023
  • Gold-Guiding with Mario Kummer:
    • 29. June 2022
The guided tours each include overnight stay, breakfast, packed lunch and luggage transfer on the riding days. Optional additional nights can be booked.
One group includes one guide and up to ten participants.

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