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Special exhibition "Von Möhrenbeet bis Festungswald"


  • Königstein/Sächs. Schw.
  • 21.09. – 31.10.2023Přehled termínů
  • 10:00 - 18:00
  • Výstava, Tradice/zvyky,…

With pictures, plans and rare historical garden tools, the exhibition tells about the horticultural and agricultural use.

For centuries, the Königstein has been inhabited by people. They shaped the plateau and the surroundings of the impressive table mountain according to their needs.

In 1589, the expansion of the medieval castle into a fortress began. The inhabitants, who lived here largely self-sufficiently for centuries, focused their interest primarily on self-sufficiency in food, the defence of the militarily important location and the decoration of this significant site.

With pictures, plans and rare historical gardening tools, the exhibition vividly and entertainingly tells of the horticultural and agricultural use of the open spaces, of the commanders' ornamental and pleasure gardens, but also of the greening carried out under military aspects. It gets particularly exciting when it comes to the favourite places of various fortress inhabitants on the plateau. You can also discover them yourself on your outdoor tour!

Various media stations and a wide range of hands-on activities for children offer opportunities for immersion and variety for visitors of all ages.

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