Special exhibition "Hello Happiness!" at the Deutsches Hygiene-Museum Dresden


Is this the right moment for an exhibition on the theme of "Happiness"? In response to the current political and social upheavals and the accompanying fears and depressive tendencies, the Deutsches Hygiene-Museum thinks: Especially now! Because positive emotions are among the factors that can make an important contribution to resilience and resistance in individual and social crises.

In six sections, the new special exhibition Hello Happiness! presents different individual and cultural practices in which positive emotions arise and have an impact on people's self-perception. There are examples of such moments of happiness in many areas of life: the euphoria of exuberant dancing, an irrepressible laugh, a meal with friends or even the contagious energy of standing up together for a political cause, the satisfaction after solving a complicated task or the calmness of meditation.

In its approach to the volatility and ambivalence of positive emotions, Hello Happiness! moves from the individual to the collective. Emotions are illuminated as a source of energy for each individual, but without disregarding that they are cultural and social prerequisites. A central motif of the exhibition is the physical experience, ranging from ecstatic moments of happiness to contemplative self-awareness. Positive feelings - at least that is the thesis of the exhibition - are important factors of resilience and resistance because they can strengthen self-confidence and hope.

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