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Special exhibition "Chemnitz shines"


Ten years ago, French conceptual artist Daniel Buren designed one of today's most beautiful colourful landmarks, transforming more than just the Chemnitz chimney. Today, Buren's colours inspire people - but Chemnitz was already shining many years earlier!

During the dark season, the Chemnitz Industrial Museum dedicates itself to artificial light with the exhibition "Chemnitz shines".From 1 December 2023 to 5 May 2024 the museum's collection of historical illuminated advertising from Karl-Marx-Stadt and Chemnitz will be "put in the right light".People are inextricably linked to light. Artificial light is used when natural daylight is insufficient or when we want to turn night into day. We encounter artificial light in various areas. Artificial light is also used to create a room atmosphere or to emphasise objects and people. We literally put things in the right light. Artificial light is also used in the field of advertising to emphasise and highlight. Illuminated advertising is a special form of illuminated advertising. The Chemnitz Industrial Museum has an extensive collection of historical and contemporary illuminated advertising from Karl-Marx-Stadt and Chemnitz. This is the focus of the special exhibition. Illuminated lettering and motifs from the period between 1960 and 2000 are on display.

The exhibition also encourages visitors to consider issues such as the significance of artificial light in public spaces, energy consumption and the influence of light on our health. It also scrutinises: How much energy do we consume and from what sources? Or: Is energy converted into light finite? Last but not least, we ask ourselves: How do we deal with the issue of light pollution? Topics that are also addressed in the accompanying programme of events.

The exhibition is supported by eins energie in sachsen. This company is the owner of the city lighting in Chemnitz and operates 25,000 electrical luminaires with more than 34,000 light sources on behalf of the city. But this is not the only way in which eins energie in sachsen contributes to lighting up Chemnitz.

The exhibition is complemented by a supporting programme. This also includes an offer during the winter holidays.

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Special exhibition "Chemnitz shines"
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