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Special exhibition "Between Heaven and Earth. Two Men in Conversation.


In some of his paintings, Caspar David Friedrich painted a rather mysterious staffage: Two men in black coats and broad black berets stand with their backs to the viewer and gaze into the landscape. Two Men by the Sea at Moonrise, Evening Landscape with Two Men, in another painting these mysterious know-nothings contemplate the town of Neubrandenburg, ducking under the morning sky.

We will never catch sight of the faces of the dark figures, silhouettes rather. They are indeed more reminiscent of two magicians, knowers, than of romantic wanderers.

Who are these two? Is it perhaps Caspar David Friedrich himself, together with his friend Carl Gustav Carus? Who knows.

There is also the question: do they tell each other something, or are they just silent? And finally: if they are telling each other something, what are they talking about?

This small but charming riddle is pursued by the writer Václav Vokolek and the photographer Zdeněk Helfert in their exhibition "Between Heaven and Earth" and they spin a fine and very entertaining thread.
This special exhibition is presented by the Fotoforum Dresden and Stolpen Castle in cooperation from 22 June 2024 to 04 August 2024.

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