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Special exhibition "Along the Elbe"


From 15 June to 3 November 2024, the special exhibition "Along the Elbe. Old Saxony in Paintings from the Wolfgang Donath Collection".
The collection is extraordinary. It comes from someone who loves the aesthetic as much as his native Saxony. Both are reflected in the astonishing art collection that Wolfgang Donath has created privately over decades. Last year, he donated his life's work to Königstein Fortress - to make it accessible to the public. Highlights of the show include a depiction of Dresden's Frauenkirche just a few months before its destruction, a look at the Old Masters Picture Gallery during the imperial era and a rediscovered painting by Johann Alexander Thiele.

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Special exhibition "Along the Elbe"
Festung Königstein
01824 Königstein/Sächs. Schw.

Webová stránka: www.festung-koenigstein.de/en/welcome.html

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