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Five artists who couldn't be more different have arrived for an audition at the theatre. A slightly over-the-top musical starlet, an angry songwriter, a lovesick showgirl, an attentive acrobat and a
small-town diva show the jury what they can do. Each candidate has special artistic skills and presents them with the appropriate music. The spectrum ranges from operetta to rap - from Celtic fire dancing to Bob Fosse. The musical accompaniment is provided by a three-piece band in a class of its own. Versatile, virtuosic and with an arsenal of different instruments the three musicians find the right tone for every character. And then there's the ambitious artistic director and the slightly frustrated chairwoman of the sponsors' association. The CASTING is open to the public, by the way, because the audience should have a say ...

The star of the evening is Olivia Delauré. The amazingly versatile singer, actress and dancer embodies all the roles in this fast-paced revue with dazzling enthusiasm!
And to add to the general enjoyment, the transformations from one character to the next take place on an open stage ...

The play also deals with current issues - with more than a wink. Topics such as: Women in leadership positions, social media and
the consequences, the systemic relevance of art, catfights, self-discovery and airs and graces, etc.
CASTING - a play by women about women. A play about the love of theatre and
the fun of contrasts - with music from Schubert to Schlager.

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