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Until 5 November, the Chemnitz Industrial Museum, together with the Chemnitz children's vehicle collector Eckart Holler and the Pohl-Ströher depot, is offering a small glimpse into over 70 years of "mobile children's worlds". More than twenty highlights from the Holler collection are on display. The exhibits show a wide range of creativity, inventiveness and technical know-how. Children's vehicles provide a glimpse into the everyday life of their time and the developments in mobility, society and pedagogy. While the first vehicles for children in the 19th century were still handmade prestige objects, industrial production and a new pedagogical understanding, especially after the Second World War, promoted the mass production of toys.
In addition to this presentation, during the Saxon school holidays the Chemnitz Industrial Museum invites children aged four to eight to test their driving talent and dexterity on a bobby car course and, if they wish, to obtain a children's driving licence. The programme, entitled "When the light turns red you have to wait, when the light turns green you can start..." will take place until 18 August from Tuesday to Thursday from 10 am to 12 pm. This programme is supported by Schilderwerk Beutha GmbH - Werk V (Chemnitz) and LRP-Autorecycling Leipzig GmbH.

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