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Meeting at the Saxon Symphony Orchestra Chemnitz - Chamber concert with Markus and Pascal Kaufmann


Experience an extraordinary chamber concert in the auditorium of the Chemnitz Industrial School.
As part of the chamber concert series "Treff beim SSO", soloists Markus and Pascal Kaufmann will enchant the audience with their impressive piano performances.
Dive into the world of classical music and enjoy the unique and inviting atmosphere of the auditorium of the Chemnitz Industrial School. Also taking part are the soloist Uta Grohman on clarinet and Andreas Grohmann on violin.

- A. Chatschaturjan: Trio for violin, clarinet and piano
- J. S. Bach: Concerto for 2 pianos and orchestra in C major, BWV 1061
- Franz Liszt: Concerto Pathetique for 2 pianos


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