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Görlitz Türmertag 2023


For the "Görlitzer Türmertag" on this Sunday, 24 September 2023, from 10 am, the Görlitz Collections for History and Culture and the Förderverein Kulturstadt Görlitz-Zgorzelec e. V. invite you to climb the Görlitz towers.

In the 1700s, 20 bastions on the outer and 12 on the inner city wall and four towers formed the city's defensive ring, which is why Görlitz was called the "City of Towers". The Frauenturm/Dicke Turm, the Nikolaiturm and the Reichenbacher Turm as well as the Hotherturm have been preserved. The town hall, first mentioned in 1369, with the highest Görlitz town tower, is located on Untermarkt.

On Türmertag, all towers (except the Hotherturm) are open until 6 pm and invite you to a fascinating historical exploration tour and a very special view of the city. Combined tickets are available directly at the towers: adults pay 5 €, children (6-14 years) 3 € - one price for four towers. Those who take part in at least 3 guided tours and collect stamps on their ticket can take part in a raffle with great prizes. Among the prizes are an overnight stay for 2 people at the Hotel Börse or a day tour of the region for 2 people with the Stadtschleicher.

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